Interview of Joseph Amiel

16 08 2012

The team of « 100% Sulitzer » has finally found Mister Joseph Amiel. This famous writer has one link with Paul-Loup Sulitzer ,as the french writer wrote a foreword for the french edition of one of his book in the beginning of the nineties !

Interview of Joseph Amiel dans Actualites / News Amiel-Bandeau

100% Sulitzer : Hi Mister Amiel. Can you first remember us what is your link with Mister Paul-Loup Sulitzer ?

Joseph Amiel :    The publisher of the French edition of one of my novels that set in financial world asked if Mr. Sulitzer would be willing to write a foreward to the book.  He did, and I was very grateful to him.

Joseph-Amiel-217x300 dans Interviews exclusives 100% Sulitzer100% Sulitzer : Can you tell us what is your background before writing ?

Joseph Amiel :    In college I studied mainly English literature, creative writing, and art.  I then attended Yale Law School and practiced law for a while upon graduating.  A lot of my legal work was in the motion picture industry.

100% Sulitzer : Who are your favorite writers ?

Joseph Amiel :   Many of my favorites are 19th Century writers, such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Mark Twain (both his fiction and his non-fiction).  Closer to modern times, I have no favorites, but tend to read mysteries.

100% Sulitzer : You just published a new version of “A question of proof”. Can you tell us why you decided to launch a new version of it and what are the main differences with the original book from 1993 ?

Joseph Amiel :   I decided that all my books should have the opportunity to reach the wide new audience created by the digital revolution and that the first would be A Question of Proof both because of that audience’s enthusiasm for legal thrillers and because it was a book I truly loved that didn’t get a great marketing effort from its original publisher.  As I write in my new introduction to it, “Going back and reading the book turned out to be a gratifying experience.  I found the story and the dark mystery at its heart gripping me.  Apart from references to events in the book’s earlier time frame, the story felt immediate, as if it was happening now, with many of the same problems facing people today that prevailed then.  After much contemplation, I decided that moving the novel into the present and adding new material would provide the same immediacy experienced by my original readers.”




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